Art/Architecture/Music Track


Please note that all travelers ages 11 and under must participate in the Family Track, and must be accompanied by an adult family member (parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, etc.). Those 12 and up may participate in any track.



  • Archaeological tour of Caesarea
  • Aluf Benn, editor in chief, Ha’aretz newspaper: ‘Israel Today Briefing’
  • VIP guided tour of the Architecturally Award Winning New Wing of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art
  • Bauhaus Architectural walking tour of Tel Aviv, “The White City”
  • Graffiti tour of Tel Aviv
  • Rimon School of Jazz
  • Meet with Sigalit Landau in her Tel Aviv studio
  • Maskit visit: a luxury women’s ready-to-wear brand launched in Israel in 1954 by Ruth Dayan
  • Special VIP visit to the site of the Jerusaelm-Tel Aviv bullet train project
  • Visit the Eden-Tamir Music Center, Ein Kerem
  • Mahane Yehudah
  • Kotel
  • Archaeological expedition with archaeologist, Dr Ian Stern to Khirbet Qeiyafa near Kibbutz Netiv Ha-Lamed Hei
  • Museum on the Seam, a socio-political contemporary art museum located in Jerusalem
  • Wine tasting

Costing, Subsidies & Disclaimers


The land cost is $3,350 for those 37 and older, all out-of-town adults, and for children (for families with 1 child in the room, the cost for that child is $2,350. For families with 2 children, an adjoining room is required, and the costing for those children is $3,350 each. For families with 3 children, an adjoining room is required, and the costing for 2 children is $3,350 each, and the cost for the remaining child is $2,350.). Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, the first 5 families (with 2-3 traveling children) to register will receive a $2,000 per household subsidy, making it even more affordable to find your track!

The land cost is $2,350 for those 18-36 who are members of the Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans. 

The single supplement is an extra $1,075 per person.


The land cost includes tips. 


Disclaimer: The minimum number of participants required for each track is 18. We reserve the right to adjust the tracks as necessary.