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From Tel Hai to Sderot

The guest posting below was kindly provide to us by IDF soldier Yoav B.; we urge you to take a look at his compelling new blog, "Israeli Soldier's Life & Thoughts."

My name is Yoav and I am a soldier in the IDF, currently posted in Judea and Samaria.

Just over a month ago, my company commemo…

Sderot: The Musical

'SDEROT: Rock in the Red Zone' is a documentary about the startlingly vibrant music scene in Sderot. The film's not released yet, but you can see the trailer on YouTube, and it looks powerful. Click on the video image below to take a look.

And if you want to read more about one of the creat…

Shielding Sderot

An interesting intersection of two different kinds of protection for the people of Sderot...

In recent weeks, a cavernous $5 million steel-reinforced indoor playground funded by the Jewish National Fund has opened, giving local kids a chance to enjoy climbing walls, air hockey and sports…

Fortifying Schools in Ashkelon

Recently, we blogged about a strike affecting the 26,000 kids in Ashkelon schools -- parents felt the schools weren't being well-protected from missile strikes, so they pulled many kids out. Happily, there has been progress in making schools more secure, so the strike's over.

Below is a blog…

Houston Comes to Sderot

Houston media personality J.P. Pritchard (of KTRH Radio) joined members of the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston on their Israel Mission in February 2009, and blogged about his eye-opening trip to Sderot and Ashkelon.

Sderot has been the target of as many as ten thousand missiles fired f…

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