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A Night Out in Sderot

This posting was contributed by Aviv Wasserman, and was written on January 22, 2008. I don't usually write columns, but I felt the need to share with you my experiences from a night in Sderot, which I found very meaningful. It all started a few weeks ago. I received an invitation to a Tu…

Impressions of a reality you don't see on television

This posting was contributed by Ohad Drori, a social worker with the Emergency Fund for the Gaza Perimeter. On January 27, 2008, I was appointed by the Jewish Agency to serve as a social worker and to be responsible on behalf of the Jewish Agency for the Emergency Fund for residents of the…

An appeal to the Prime Minister

This posting was written by Nitai Schreiber, the director of the Sderot-based Gvanim Association. Gvanim, whose partners include JDC and JAFI, works with Sderot and with nonprofits to develop services for vulnerable populations. Gvanim has received vital support from the Israel…

Another weekend in Sderot

Several kassams fired from Gaza struck Sderot in recent days, causing injuries and structural damage.

Osher Twito, age 8, was severely wounded when a kassam hit Sderot on Feb. 9, 2008. (Photo from The Israel Project)





Plumes of smoke rise after a kassam strike in Sderot on Feb. 1…

Damage but no fatalities

As we mentioned in our last posting, kassams hit Kibbutz Be'eri earlier this week, wounding two children. One of our bloggers, 14-year-old Ayana Neta, lives there. (Read her posting titled 'We Will Stay Strong' below)

We heard back from Anaya, who sent us this reply and the photos below, s…

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