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Georgian Residents: Struggling to Find Work and Rebuild

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Tuvia and her family of 24 people left Gori for Tbilisi the day after the Georgia-Russia conflict erupted on August 7. For over two weeks, they stayed with distant relatives living in the capital—30 people living in one tiny apartment. Most of the guests, …

Praise, and projects ahead


This posting was contributed by Asher Ostrin, JDC’s Director of FSU Operations

Dear all,

1)  I returned yesterday from a very brief visit to Georgia.  While there, I divided my time between Gori and Tbilisi.  The goal was to get a clear picture of the current needs, and to attempt to…

A Family Displaced in Their Own Home Town

Weeks after the first attacks on their building, Sima and her family have returned to Gori, but they continue to be displaced. Their home is nothing but a burnt-out shell and Sima’s husband can no longer work. As the family tries to move beyond the trauma that has interrupted their lives,…

Sharing the Story

As I left Georgia for North America to tell the story of what I saw, a phrase kept running through my mind, "Securing our Jewish Future".  This is the pillar of the Jewish Agency's work. I thought about what it really meant, because I think that when we have the freedom to be Jewish, it bec…

Looking Toward the Future

On Friday evening I went to the synagogue in Tbilisi. It was a beautiful synagogue with intricate designs and stained-glass windows. During my time in Gori I saw the ruins of war, the hopelessness on people's faces and the fear of an unknown future.
When I stepped inside the synagogue, fill…

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