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The impact of kassams

A recent surge in kassam rocket attacks from Gaza-based terrorists has again battered the Sderot region.

Here are a few photos from The Israel Project, showing damage to both people and property in the past few weeks. And below the photos, read on for a bit of background about what kassams …

Close call for Sderot Hillel - kassams hit during film series

(This posting by Rabbi Yossie Goldman, president of Hillel Israel, originally appeared on the Hillel Experience blog on JPost.com.) Dear friends, All through the fall semester, Hillel Israel centers have been struggling heroically to attract students to programs in spite of a prolonged…

Solidarity with Sderot

Shalom, The past 48 hours have been some of the most turbulent we have seen on the southern front in recent months. It reflects the slow but sure deterioration of the security situation, building up to an inevitable and major confrontation. No matter how this cycle of hatred began or where…

NYTimes article about Sderot

Less than two months ago, Raziel Sasson emerged from his rocket-proof closet, willing now to sleep just outside it, with the rest of his family, on mattresses circled on the living room floor. But Razi, 13, still wakes his father up three times a night, afraid to walk alone to the bathroom.

A Chanukah miracle

The following posting was prepared on 12/5/07 by Marcell Bar-On, a resident of Nir-Am, a small kibbutz community between Sderot and the Gaza Strip. For an earlier posting by Marcell about life under fire, click here.)

Dear All
We had a very close call this morning at 6.30 a.m., when a Kass…

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