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The difference between a Hamas kassam and an Islamic Jihad kassam

While you're casting an eye on the JUF News, read this article from Chicagoan Jim Woldenberg, who was in Sderot on a taskforce at around the same time. Here's an excerpt from Jim's article --
"We went to the police station and met the guy who's job it is to clear away the rockets, saw the un…

Youths on the Gaza perimeter

As part of our information-gathering on behalf of a Canadian Jewish school that wanted to send toys to the children of Sderot, we found out quite a bit about the youth demographics of the area.

Population clusters in the region:

Sderot: 23,000 total population
Netivot: 26,000 total populatio…

Statistics on Sderot?

Do any of our readers, particularly those in Sderot, have an answer to the question below? Please see what you can do to help these folks help people in Sderot. You can post your replies below, or send them to aneusner@ujc.org, and we'll post them for you.

Hi there,

I am coordinating a t…

Corporate support brings visits to Sderot

I was just on Google News reading about the latest Kassam hits in Sderot and the southern edge of Ashkelon, which led to no deaths but did cause a number of residents to go into shock.

I came across an article that mentioned that an Israeli airline, Israir, recently sponsored an inexpensiv…

Voices from Sapir College -- coming soon to a blog near you

Good news! We've added a new source of content to this blog, Sapir College's film and television school.

Students from the Sderot-based school will be providing their perspectives on life, the universe and everything. We also plan to bring you some of their media projects on this blog, sin…

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