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Jordan gives Palestinians larger role in running Temple Mount

Jordan has moved to give Palestinians in Jerusalem a greater role in administering the Muslim institutions on the Temple Mount, expanding the Waqf religious trust council and appointing to its ranks East Jerusalem political and religious leaders. Read more.

A year into Gaza border protests, conflict seems unavoidable – analysis

A report from the IDF shows that military escalation at the Gaza border is likely. Read more.

Veteran Israeli lawmaker Tzipi Livni announces exit from politics

Israeli lawmaker Tzipi Livni announced that she would exit politics at the end of the current Knesset term, and pulled her HaTnua party out of the upcoming national elections. Read more.

Hungary to open office with ‘diplomatic status’ in Jerusalem

Hungary will open a trade office in Jerusalem that will have official “diplomatic status,” the country’s prime minister announced Tuesday during a short visit to Israel. Read more.

Anti-Semitic fliers appear again on University of Montana campus

Anti-Semitic fliers appeared around the University of Montana campus for the fourth time since November. Read more.

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