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Leading Israeli Modern Orthodox Rabbis Push for Kotel Compromise

In a video produced by Ne'emanei Torah v'Avodah — an Israeli NGO funded in part by Federations' iRep initiative to promote religious pluralism in Israel — leading Modern Orthodox rabbis urge the government to fulfill its promise for an egalitarian prayer space at the Western Wall.

NYT: Fed-Supported Aid a 'Great Glimmer of Hope' for Israeli-Syrian Rtns.

Federation partner JDC's Jewish Coalition for Disaster Relief allocates money to the Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees, whose work was recently featured in the New York Times.

New York TimesSyrian-Israeli partnership a 'great glimmer of hope'

Highly Successful Campaigners' Mission to Israel Concludes

Campaigners leading the way! The 2017 Campaigners' Mission to Israel wrapped up yesterday with $420K+ pledged, a 13% card-for-card increase from 2016.

How Medicaid Cuts Could Imperil Jewish Social Service Organizations

How cutting Medicaid would jeopardize the work of Federation-supported social services agencies.

Campaigners' Mission Helps Israeli Minority Women Train for the Workforce

Latest stats show higher unemployment rates among Israeli women. Today, the 2017 Campaigners’ Mission visits a Federation partner JDC program that helps Haredi, Ethiopian, and Arab women train for and find good work — changing that stat, one person at a time.