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An innovative effort to move the needle on religious pluralism in Israel

Through iRep and other initiatives, Federation is at the forefront of pushing for free religious expression in Israel, according to a new op-ed in eJewishPhilanthropy. Read more.

Jay's 4 Questions: A conversation with Richard Sandler

Richard Sandler, chair of the Board of Trustees of JFNA, shares his experiences as a leader in the Jewish community and his thoughts for the future of the Jewish world. Listen now.

Destination: Understanding leaving home to understand your neighbor

As globalization makes different cultures, customs, religions, ethnicity and traditions more accessible, polarization and insularity have encouraged us to turn inward, focusing on our own cultures. The world is in turmoil and our response has been to circle the wagons. We have stopped listen…

Moving beyond ‘flags and falafel’

“Don’t do it!” “You’re crazy – it’s professional madness!” “Have you lost your mind?” These were the comments a friend of mine, a congregational rabbi, received from his colleagues when he shared his planned topic for his Kol Nidre sermon. It’s not hard to guess that th…

Israel minister lauds Morocco move to put Holocaust education in schools

Israel’s Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office MK Michael Oren hailed Morocco’s King Mohammad VI for his decision to introduce Holocaust education into his country’s schools. Read more.