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From a moshav in southern Israel, a fierce rebuttal to a US-based Israel cr

This posting was provided by the Birmingham, AL Jewish Federation, and can be read on their site here.

Margaret Kartus Duvdevani grew up in Birmingham and has lived in southern Israel for many years on Moshav Talmei Yosef. She sent the following to Birmingham attorney David Gespass in respon…

Hamas rocket attacks close schools

This article was provided by World ORT. The original version of this story can be seen here.

Three schools in World ORT’s Kadima Mada (Science Journey) program have been temporarily closed in the face of continued Hamas rocket attacks from Gaza.

The security measure has undoubtedly saved…

From Volunteers to Near-Victims in Just Moments

This blog entry was provided by Karen Zivan, who made Aliyah last summer from Rochester to Hashmonaim, where she works a school psychologist and yoga teacher.


And believe me we are all praying for exactly that... every soldier should be home with his family as soon as possible.

I, unf…

ORT-affiliated school hit in Beersheva barrage

World ORT has notified UJC that one of the two missiles that were fired at Beersheva this morning hit Makif Alef Junior High School, one of the schools participating in ORT's Kadima Mada program. There is a five-foot hole in the ceiling of a classroom and the whole building is in danger of…

JAFI War Diary from Southern Israel - Ravit Ohayon-Michal

Reprinted from JAFI.org; original available with other War Diary entries here.
December 31, 2008 / 4 Tevet 5769

Ravit Ohayon-Michal's story

The Grad missile that fell in Ashkelon near my home at 5:30 am Shabbat morning changed our entire reality. I now understand the torment of the mothers …

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