High-Tech and Medical Track


Please note that all travelers ages 11 and under must participate in the Family Track, and must be accompanied by an adult family member (parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, etc.). Those 12 and up may participate in any track.



The High Tech and Medical track opens with an archaeological dig in Caesarea, and then depart Tel Aviv for the Kiryat Gat World Ort Kadima Mada YOUniversity and Intel. The experience continues with the Israel Center for Medical Simulation at the Chaim Sheba Medical Center, a visit to the Google campus, and an indulgent wine tasting. You’ll have the choice to visit Yad Vashem or the Hadassah Medical Center, and will spend  an extraordinary Shabbat in the Old City. The Good Samaritan Inn archaeological site, ATV experiences, the Israel Museum, the Rockefeller Museum, and biking are among the choices for activities on Shabbat. You’ll also meet with the founder of Arava Power Company and the head of Energiya Global Capital investment firm.



  • Archaeological tour of Caesarea
  • Kiryat Gat World ORT Kadima Mada YOUniversity
  • Intel, Kiryat Gat – meet with Ilan Wagner from JAFI together with “Onward Israel” Science & Technology “Go Tech” Interns OR “Onward Tech Challenge Israel” program
  • Israel Center for Medical Simulation at the Chaim Sheba Medical Center in Tel HaShomer
  • Google campus in Tel Aviv, meet start-up CEOs
  • Wine tasting
  • Yad Vashem
  • Hadassah Medical Center – New Wing tour with Professor Avi Rivkind, Head of Shock Trauma Unit
  • Kabbalat Shabbat in Mercaz Shimshon overlooking the Old City Walls
  • Museum at the Good Samaritan Inn archeological site
  • Arava Power Company founder, Yossi Abramowitz



The land cost is $3,350 for those 37 and older, all out-of-town adults, and for children (for families with 1 child in the room, the cost for that child is $2,350. For families with 2 children, an adjoining room is required, and the costing for those children is $3,350 each. For families with 3 children, an adjoining room is required, and the costing for 2 children is $3,350 each, and the cost for the remaining child is $2,350.). Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, the first 5 families (with 2-3 traveling children) to register will receive a $2,000 per household subsidy, making it even more affordable to find your track!

The land cost is $2,350 for those 18-36 who are members of the Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans. 

The single supplement is an extra $1,075 per person. The land cost includes all tips.

Disclaimer: The minimum number of participants required for each track is 18. We reserve the right to adjust the tracks as necessary.